The following results are from a recent Blitzkrieg! Pro event. The event took place on May 7th, 2021 at the Country Banquet Hall in Enfield, Connecticut and aired live on Twitch.

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Singles Match
Mark Sterling defeated Timmy Lou Retton.

Singles Match
Aaron Rourke defeated Sammy Diaz.

Mixed Tag Team Match
The Top Dogs (Davienne & Skylar) defeated Love Doug & Becca.

Singles Match
Bryce Donovan defeated Rip Byson.

Four Doors Elimination Match For The Blitzkrieg! Pro Championship
Bobby Orlando (c) defeated Nick Stapp, Slade and Leary.

The Mother Of All Scrambles Match
Kirby Wackerman defeated 50 Cal, Big Juicy, Devantes, King Crab, Little Mean Kathleen, Max ZERO, Nuka, Scotty Wild and Stevie G.

Singles Match
Travis Huckabee defeated Alec Price.

Tag Team Match
The CDC (Kip Stevens & Juba) (w/Alex Cypher) defeated The Apostles of Chaos (Logan Black & Chris Benne).

Triple Threat Match For The CAP Championship
VSK (c) defeated Brian Myers and Max Caster.