In a recent interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Bobby Fish discussed several topics, including his decision to depart All Elite Wrestling.

On his decision to depart All Elite Wrestling: “Contract was coming up for potential renewal, and we couldn’t find common ground on the numbers that we needed for both sides to be happy, so yeah, I’m a free agent.”

On if there was interest in a WWE return: “I don’t know, I’m open to all options and offers at the moment, I do know that there have been quite a few people who have gone back through those doors. I’m happy for the people that I know who left there after I had left, a lot of friendships, and things were weird there for a bit. For them to be back in the direction of some normalcy and positivity, and working for Hunter, I know I enjoyed it. I’m just happy for the people that I know that remained and the people that have come back to work there, and it’s a good place to be again.”

The full interview is available at this link.