In a recent interview with Steve Fall for, WWE SmackDown superstar Bobby Lashley discussed several topics, including whose idea it was to work with The Street Profits, the status of B-Fab with the trio and more.

“You know, I like the guys, I’ve always like them. Of course, I have a special place in my heart for the original Hurt Business, we fought and scraped and clawed, tried to get everybody together, that was such a special time for us, and we did it during the pandemic, that’s the biggest thing, so when you talk about people coming back, and everything like that, in my opinion this is just me talking, we have to give some respect to the people that were putting in the work and the time that we needed it.

During the pandemic was a very awful time for everyone, The Hurt Business, we were running the show, we were doing everything, we were so popular, we never had an opportunity to be in front of an actual crowd, which kind of just ripped my heart out, all of us were there, so we always had an opportunity to get back, the powers that be just maybe didn’t want it to happen.

During that time, and when we talked to The Street Profits about possibly doing some work together, because I like the guys, I think they have a tremendous amount of potential, Montez of course being a former soldier, the guys have a great look, they have a huge amount of charisma and I think sometimes, you just need to help people out, to help pull people up when they don’t necessarily have the opportunity, so when they split apart, we just naturally came together.

We started talking, and they just kind of like, this is a good little group. As far as B-Fab, I don’t know, she’s another person that has a lot of potential, I think the office really likes her, because she’s been putting in a lot of work, she’s been working with Natalya, she’s been working with TJ, she’s putting in some serious work and I think that’s what’s cool about the new kind of regime, they’re giving some of these younger talent opportunities, the ones that actually are busting their butt, and you can see it on TV, because you see different faces popping up all the time, and I think B-Fab is one of those.

We’re trying to find a place for her somewhere, if she has an opportunity to come with us you know, kudos, I like her so far, I think she is an incredible talent, I think she has a lot of possibilities and a lot of potential, so we’ll see.”

The full interview is available at this link.