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Bobby Lashley was a guest this week on The MMA Report with John Pollock promoting his debut with Bellator this Friday night and his current run in TNA. The interview is up at this link.

Below are highlights from the interview:

Bobby Lashley On His Weight Difference For MMA: When I pro wrestle I try to keep my weight on. I think that’s the biggest thing. And for me my weight difference isn’t that much. I know it, most people don’t see it. When I fight I try to stay a little bit lighter; I’m usually coming in around the 240 (lb) range. When I’m pro wrestling I’m closer to 250 (lbs), right around 245/250 so it’s only about a 5 or 6 lb swing but for me it makes a world of difference when I’m out there.

His Relationship With Scott Coker And Signing Prior To Coker In Bellator: I actually signed (with Bellator) before Coker came on. But since I have a relationship with Coker… and I’ve said this several times before I think Coker’s a great guy and what he did with Strikeforce, I think he’s one of those promoters you can really see he’s out for the fighters, he’s looking after the fighter’s best interest. So when Coker came on and I found out he came on he called me up and asked me what I really wanted to do in the sport, what my goals were, what my dreams were, what I actually wanted out of Bellator. So I think that he’s looking at the big picture and that’s what I really appreciated with him. So when he came on it was a blessing and it was good news to me.

On A Possible Fight With Batista In 2010: I don’t know, I think so. I mean the hard thing is ­ and with most fighters they know ­ fighting is fighting and business is business. Dave is a friend of mine. I wasn’t talking to him so much at that time but when I spoke to Coker about it Coker said that he was interested in it and it was something that was in the works. So it would’ve been interesting to have the fight. I think now, I don’t think it’s even a possibility. Dave’s been doing some really great things but I think at the time there was a chance that was gonna happen.

On His Current Run In TNA: I don’t know if it would be the best run because I don’t know how you’d measure that. If you measure it by money, maybe not. But if you measure it by fun on our side, maybe so. I have a great time with those guys (MVP and Kenny King) and when we go out there we have a little bit of creative ability to go off there and do what we wanna do at certain times and I think that things are going real well. I think as far as my in­ring ability, I think my in­ring ability has improved a lot more. When I took the time off I did a lot of independent stuff so I had an opportunity to work with a lot of the guys out there. So I think just working with some of these guys in TNA, they have an amazing talent pool down there. And that’s what some people don’t understand. Eric Young is phenomenal. Bobby Roode, every time I get in the ring with those guys it’s almost like magic. Austin Aries, we have so many people out there that I’m so excited to go with. Tommy Dreamer, all these guys are out there. So it is fun, I don’t know if it’s the biggest push in my career because the stage isn’t as big as WWE is. But as far as fun, knowledge and being able to work with some great people, there (TNA) is where it’s at.

Transcribed by Sean-Patrick Nolan

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