In an interview with Fat Duck Tech during a recent promotional tour of Australia, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed his upcoming second book, a possible in-ring return including a Harlem Heat reunion and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

Your second book is due out later this year. Your first was deeply personal, but this is purely focused on your wrestling career. Was that easier to write?

This book here was totally different to the first book. The first book was really personal, this was just wrestling. Not a whole lot of wrestling stories about certain guys, drunken stupors or anything like that, like most wrestling books, it’s just a chronicle of Booker T’s career, where he came from, totally from the bottom of the totem pole, to close out a company, to be one of the only guys from that company to make it in WWE and still to be here this many years later, a Hall of Famer. It’s quite a telling tale, both for the fans that read it, as well as young wrestlers, I think they’ll be intrigued. Everything is chronicled in the book, thank God for YouTube and Dailymotion, you can go back and find all of that stuff and everything is there. Some of this stuff, I have to go back and watch it and go, “Wow, OK, NOW I remember that.” It’s going to be totally accurate in terms of every little bitty thing that I did in professional wrestling as well as a lot of cool stuff too.”

The New Age Outlaws have just had a run with the Tag Title with a pretty obvious nostalgia kick behind it. Any chance of a Harlem Heat reunion tour?

You know, I never say never, but I’m so far past putting my tights and my boots on, going out and being a wrestler, I’m just over that stage of my life. Some guys, it’s just really hard for them to let it go, but for me, it’s been really easy to let that stage of my life go, just because I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do in professional wrestling. I’ve won all the titles, I’ve been all over the world, I’ve seen it all, there’s just nothing left to prove. Now, I just want to be the greatest promoter I could possibly be and perhaps follow in the footsteps of Paul Boesch and Vince McMahon and have my own mega-company one day.”

The interview is available in full at this link.