In a recent episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T discussed several topics, including CM Punk suffering an injury at the Royal Rumble, Punk rehabbing his injury ahead of a return later this year and more.

“He said there’s two things he wanted to do, win the Royal Rumble and then headline WrestleMania. He didn’t win the Royal Rumble, but he had a hell of a spot in the Royal Rumble, and then to go on to WrestleMania, it would have been a great Cinderella story for him, but they’re..again man, stuff like this happens, hopefully he’ll get himself back together, four to six months, that’s a long time sitting on the shelf.

I always say, out of sight, out of mind is one thing, but time off being your worst enemy. I really do believe that for a wrestler, because just thinking about CM Punk, he probably has been getting hurt more just because he’s been out of the ring, just that long, how many years was he away from it, that’s a long time to just think you can restart the engine and just go back and do it like you did once upon a time.

That’s a really long time to be sitting, your body is going to go through a transformation in that eight years, and then, you pull open that wound all over again, it’s not as easy as getting on a bicycle or anything like that, I can only imagine being out of this for eight years and then coming back and try to restart it and just take off and go, you know Scissor Kicks, Spin Kicks, Spinaroonie, I can only imagine.”

The full interview is available at this link.