In a recent episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T revealed that he declined an offer for Harlem Heat (Booker T & Stevie Ray) to have their last match as part of Starrcast in 2023.

“I was approached actually to have a final match next year at Starrcast, Harlem Heat’s final match here in Texas. I said hell no, we ain’t doing none of that. I just had a match a couple of weeks ago, my knee was killing me, I can only imagine what it’s going to feel like next year, y’all can forget about seeing me do one last match.

The thing is, I’m still working, I’m still having matches, you’re just never going to see me have a last match, you’re never going to see me do much in the ring, I’m never going to build up a match like I’m doing a whole lot, one tag in, one tag out, that’s it I’m done, where’s my check.

I learned from one of my teachers back in the day, ‘Hacksaw’ Butch Reed, I got to tag with him down in the Global Wrestling Federation and he said, man I’m coming in one time, I’m coming out and asking for my check, that’s the way you do it.”

All episodes of Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast are available at this link.