In an interview with ESPN, new WWE Champion Bray Wyatt commented on a variety of topics, including how he had to work hard to eventually become the champion and how he always knew that it would happen one day.

“This is something that cements my legacy. This is something that I’ve accomplished – but I want to accomplish more. WrestleMania is right here. To me it was an up-yours to the authority, because when I walked in to this, I don’t think anyone ever looked at me and said, ‘One day you’re going to be WWE champion. I’ve seen so many come and go over the years, and so many that look the part and thought they were something special and they just weren’t. And someone like me, I had to cut my teeth for years just to be recognized. No one looked at my direction. I had to grab them by the throat and make them look me in the eyes and say, ‘Look at me.’ This is a huge accomplishment for me, because no one else expected it but I always did.”

The interview is available in full at this link.