In a recent interview with ComicBook, Brian Myers (fka Curt Hawkins in WWE) discussed the possibility of him joining All Elite Wrestling and why AEW has done empty arena shows better than the WWE as of late.

“I mean obviously, I’d love to work for AEW, I haven’t missed an episode, I’ve watched everything from day one. I have a ridiculous amount of friends involved in that company, so I’m always rooting for them, I’m rooting for what their impact on the business is as a whole, they’ve made it better for everybody, so I would never say never to anything.

I’ve even enjoyed their no-fan presentation a lot better than WWE, I think they’re doing the best with that scenario, there’s so much opportunity once the world starts to turn back, I see the light at the end of this Coronavirus tunnel here and I think things are going to normalize to the new normal and prior to this, wrestling was on fire man, there was just so much opportunity everywhere.”

The interview is available in full at this link.