In an interview with the From The Top Rope podcast earlier this week, Brie Bella commented on a variety of topics, including her belief that her husband and WWE SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan will find a way to make his return to the ring.

“From that moment, which was pretty much two years ago, he has been doing every kind of testing to every kind of experiment you can imagine for the brain and he actually found one, it’s this oxygen hyperbaric chamber or something.”

While Brie did not reveal further details, the treatment she is describing is known as HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), which is an alternative form of medicine that, according to their website, is the use of high-pressure oxygen as a drug to treat basic pathophysiologic processes and their diseases. Brie noted that Bryan has already undergone around 40 treatments across the country and said that if doctors give him the green light, then she will fully support him making his in-ring return.

“I told Bryan, you do have a daughter, so always remember that, but if the doctors finally give you the green light, I said go, this is your dream and passion, you have one life to live and I will never hold you back because I love to wrestle and I would hate if someone told me you can’t do it and if WWE doesn’t allow it, then I said, go somewhere else, it’s all on you. Obviously, he would love to be able to get back in that WWE ring, but I know for a fact my husband is going to find his way back to the ring. He honestly is.”

The interview is available in full at this link.