AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker took part in the post-AEW Double or Nothing media scrum following last night’s event and discussed several topics including her Championship victory, balancing two jobs of being a wrestler and a dentist, her growth in the company and much more.

Britt said that she is both validating the Championship and that the Championship is validating her hard work and her journey in the professional wrestling business. Britt said that it was a slow process in developing her confidence, but that now she feels that the fans have reacted positively to her because they have grown with her. Britt said that she will be bringing the AEW Women’s World Championship with her to the dental office and that she had already called her boyfriend, Adam Cole, who congratulated her, while she will be celebrating this title victory with her family.

Britt said that she feels fortunate enough to be considered a needle-mover in wrestling, stating that there is always pressure, but that pressure makes diamonds and then credited Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and Ricky Starks for helping her to elevate her game and said that you would have to be an idiot if you did not take advantage of the amount of experience that is available in All Elite Wrestling. Britt then put over her friendship with Tony Schiavone and said that she could not imagine the night without receiving a hug from him following her title win.

Britt said that she wants to continue what she has been doing, but now as the Champion, because she feels that what she has been doing works. When questioned about balancing two jobs, Britt said that being involved in dentistry keeps her grounded and reminds her of all the hard work that she has put into both of her careers and that she will be a dentist until she can’t walk anymore, but that right now, wrestling is her life. Britt said that there are currently no female coaches working behind-the-scenes in AEW, but said that Serena Deeb could be that person, while the division is getting better over time as all the talent continue to receive television time and more repetition in the ring.