In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, All Elite Wrestling superstar Brody King discussed several topics, including Tony Khan’s recent acquisition of Ring Of Honor Wrestling, making the most of his time on television alongside The House of Black and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On Tony Khan’s acquisition of Ring Of Honor Wrestling: “There were a lot of really talented people in Ring Of Honor and I felt like we had something that we could have done so much more with, but we were just, I don’t want to say held back, but it was just so hard to get the people in charge to want to listen to us, because we felt like we had good ideas to get more buzz or to get more people to watch the product and it just wasn’t translating, they felt like nothing was wrong and that they were just going to keep doing what they’re doing. Tony very much likes to listen to the fans.”

On maximizing his minutes on AEW television alongside The House of Black: “I think there’s 120-something wrestlers on the roster. Obviously, if you break that down in minutes of TV, there’s not a lot and I think that the best part about The House of Black specifically is that Malakai has such experience with TV time. In WWE, he got to learn from a lot of great people there that gave him so much knowledge about how to make the most out of something. I feel like he’s so good at that, especially at AEW. If we’re given a 60 second promo, this promo can feel like it was so much more in-depth than just a minute long. I feel like that’s where you need to really succeed. If you’re given a four minute match, you need to make people remember that four minute match. If you’re given a 60 second promo, you have to give it your all in that promo and not just stand in front of a backdrop and just say words, you have to make people feel it, remember it and make them want more.”

The full interview is available at this link.