In a recent interview with The Ringer’s Cheap Heat, WWE SmackDown superstar Carlito discussed his recent return to the company.

“After Puerto Rico, if nothing came after that I would have said okay, let’s close the book on that and look for something else. For some reason, I never went anywhere else, because I always thought I would be back, I didn’t think it would be 13 years, but I always had the feeling I would be back in WWE somehow.

I just had this feeling that I would be back somehow, I don’t know how. The reason it took so long is, I think, miscommunication between both sides, they thought I had heat with them, they thought they had heat with me. Basically, we didn’t communicate, sometimes time goes by, you see things a different way.

I always had love for WWE, I always wanted to be in WWE, I just needed a break, I didn’t need a 13-year break. Even when they would talk to me, they were hesitant and thought maybe I was anti-WWE. It’s not that, I don’t do the go backstage and say hi to everyone, even if you did, it looks like you’re looking for a job, so I don’t do that.

My resume is out there, I’m here, I think they took that as, he wants nothing to do with us. I’m glad we were able to finally sit down, air it out and show that there is love for both sides.”

The full episode is available at this link.