In a recent appearance on The SmackDown LowDown, WWE SmackDown superstar Carmelo Hayes discussed several topics, including being drafted to the brand in the 2024 WWE Draft, his first night as part of the roster and more.

“I mean, I went into this thing, win or loss, I wanted to make that statement and at the end of the day, I know I’m destined for greatness.

Going against a guy like Cody Rhodes, WWE Champ for a reason, I might not have made it through, I might not have beat Cody Rhodes, but I shot from the logo and I’ll tell you what, I hit rim on that.

Look, they could have picked anybody, there’s a room full of them’s, but they came and they picked me second in the first round, because they know that Carmelo Hayes is HIM.”

The full video is available at this link.