The following results are from a recent Celtic Championship Wrestling live event. The event took place on February 17th, 2018 at the Commons Inn Hotel in Cork, Ireland.

Singles Match
Bedlam Billy Lynch (w/Raven Creed) defeated Matt Skyler (w/Axl Jeffries).

In Ring Segment
“That 90’s Guy” Jason Maxx came to the ring and discussed not having a match tonight, but was attacked by Vic Viper, Brother Jacob and Brother Amos. The Armstrongs came out to make the save and challenged Viper, Jacob and Amos to a 6 Man Tag Team Match later in the show. Viper, Amos and Jacob initially declined, but after being insulted, Brother Amos eventually accepted the challenge, much to the anger of Vic Viper and Brother Jacob.

Singles Match
Kurt Simmons defeated Alexander Dean.

Tag Team Match
Rough Stuff (Paul Scarfe & CT Flexor) defeated The Super Nintenbros (Player 1 Owen Richards & Player 2 Ste O’G).

Singles Match
Ricky Combat defeated Maxime de Lorais.

6 Man Tag Team Match
Jason Maxx & The Armstrongs (Marion Armstrong & Butch Armstrong) defeated Vic Viper, Brother Amos and Brother Jacob. Vic Viper walked out during this match, leaving Amos and Jacob to deal with it, stating that he never agreed to the match.

Singles Match
Bruiser defeated Steve Savage.