Celtic Championship Wrestling held a press conference earlier this evening ahead of next Saturday’s Revolution VI event at The Commons Inn Hotel in Cork, Ireland with Wrestling-News.Net and other members of the media and local media in attendance.

The press conference opened with CCW ring announcer Marie welcoming Lee Cahalane, who discussed the launch of Celtic Championship Wrestling six years ago and how Revolution has become the biggest event every year for the company, running down the matches on the card.

The Armstrong’s (Marion Armstrong & Butch Armstrong) were introduced, but were interrupted via video three times by Rough Stuff (Paul Scarfe & CT Flexor), who said that next Saturday, they will become the new CCW Tag Team Champions. The Armstrong’s noted that Rough Stuff have got the better of them on two previous occasions, but that next Saturday at Revolution VI, it won’t happen for a third time, as they will retain their Tag Team Titles. Flight Mode (Matt Skylar & Axl Jeffries) were introduced next and ran down the card, noting that they had better charisma than Cahalane doing so. Flight Mode then noted that they would be part of the 20 Man Danno O’Mahony Memorial Battle Royal, bickering back and forth as to which member will walk away victorious.

Steve Savage was the next name introduced and took aim at CCW ring announcer Marie for the way she introduced him, before re-introducing himself. Savage ran down the fact that he had to come to Cork to promote the show and said that he would have rather stayed home as he does not get paid what he believes that he should. Therapy (Bedlam Billy Lynch, Gunther Isaak & Raven Creed) were introduced next, however before any of the group could speak, an altercation between Savage and Lynch escalated into a brawl that had to be broken apart by those already introduced. Things appeared to be calm, before both men once again started up, with Savage being escorted out of the building.

Raven Creed cut a promo ahead of her CCW Women’s Title defense against Debbie Keitel, noting that herself and Keitel have battled for the better part of a year in Ladder Matches and more and that they will create history again next Saturday, but this time, it must come to an end. Creed said that their match next Saturday could have been a normal match, but issued a challenge to Keitel for a Last Woman Standing Match with the title on the line. Gunther Isaak and Bedlam Billy then cut a promo announcing that they will also be part of the Danno O’Mahony Memorial Battle Royal. Vic Viper was introduced next and noted that he has been up and down the road with Bruiser over the past 12 or so years and while people have seen them being friendly and such on social media, when it comes to next Saturday, he will beat Bruiser and he will still be the reigning CCW All Star Champion.

Former CCW Heavyweight Champion Ricky Combat was introduced next and noted that next Saturday, he has an opportunity to become the Champion once again after the title was vacated by Pastor William Eaver due to injury, but that Justy, Lewis Girvan and Danny “The Beast” Butler stand in his way. Combat discussed the list of former Champions and said that he will do everything he can to once again hold the title above his head, but that if he does not come out victorious, he will show a mark of respect to the new Champion.

Lee Cahalane was last to speak and when asked by a local reporter about Lycan, responded to Lycan’s challenge of a Loser Leaves Town Deathmatch, noting that he created The Establishment and gave Lycan and others opportunities and he and only he can kill what he created. Cahalane asked the reporter to repeat the question to his face, before attacking the reporter, stating that it was a warning to Lycan and that on Saturday, Lycan will be leaving Celtic Championship Wrestling.

CCW Presents Revolution VI on Saturday, June 2nd at The Commons Inn Hotel in Cork, Ireland. The full card for the event is below.

Fatal Four Way Match For The Vacant CCW Heavyweight Title
Ricky Combat vs. Lewis Girvan vs. Danny “The Beast” Butler vs. Justy.

CCW Women’s Title Match
Raven Creed (c) vs. Debbie Keitel.

CCW All Star Title Match
Vic Viper (c) vs. Bruiser.

CCW Tag Team Titles Match
The Armstrong’s (Marion Armstrong & Butch Armstrong) (c) vs. Rough Stuff (Paul Scarfe & CT Flexor).

Loser Leaves Celtic Championship Wrestling Deathmatch
Lee Cahalane vs. Lycan.

Dream Match
Doug Williams vs. “The Lord of the Manor” Paul Tracey.

Plus: The first-ever Danno O’Mahony Memorial Battle Royal featuring names including Steve Savage, Gunther Isaak, Bedlam Billy Lynch, Matt Skylar and Axl Jeffries.

The event will also feature a Matinee Show in the afternoon, prior to the main Revolution VI card getting under way later in the evening. Tickets are still available on Eventbrite.ie, with a limited amount of tickets to be sold on the door on the night.