The following results are from a recent Celtic Championship Wrestling live event. The event took place on July 15th, 2017 at the Celtic Championship Wrestling Arena in Cork, Ireland.

CCW All Star Championship Match
Danny “The Beast” Butler (c) defeated Bull James.

Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Match
Chris Renfrew defeated Vic Viper and Billy Bedlam.

Tag Team Match
Rough Stuff (CT Flexor & Paul “The Stuff” Scarfe) defeated The Armstrong’s (Marion Armstrong & Butch Armstrong). Prior to the match, CCW Tag Team Champions, The Establishment (Lee Cahalane & Jack Vice) came out and cut a promo about how no tag team will be able to challenge them. Post-match, The Establishment attacked Rough Stuff as they celebrated, only for Rough Stuff to gain the advantage. The Armstrong’s came to the ring, but were hit with the CCW Tag Team Championship belts as Rough Stuff stood tall.

Fatal 4 Way Match For The WCPW Heavyweight Championship
“The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry (c) defeated Jordan Devlin, Will Ospreay and Ricky Combat.

Singles Match
Bram defeated Lewis Girvan.

2 On 1 Handicap Match
“The Northern Irish Nightmare” Tron defeated Conor “The Body” Charisma and Lou King Sharp.

Fatal 4 Way Match For The CCW Women’s Championship
Raven Creed defeated Lauren La Roux, Katey Harvey and Valkyrie to be crowned the first-ever CCW Women’s Champion.

CCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Pastor William Eaver (c) defeated Joseph Conners.