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Cesar Duran’s offer Salina can’t refuse?

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MLW have announced Cesar Duran’s offer Salina de la Renta can’t refuse at MLW WAR CHAMBER, live on TrillerTV+ from the Coliseum in Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL on Friday, March 29.

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As the lucha turf war between Mexico’s most ruthless promoters escalates, all eyes are on Cesar Duran, who has formally declared his intention to make an offer to Salina de la Renta that she simply cannot refuse.

The announcement has sent shockwaves through lucha libre, leaving fans and competitors alike wondering what could possibly be at the heart of Duran’s mysterious offer. Speculation runs rampant as to what could compel Salina, known for her fierce independence and unwavering determination, to accept any proposition put forth by her bitter rival.

The rivalry between Salina de la Renta and Cesar Duran has reached unprecedented heights following the events of MLW: Once Upon a Time in New York. In a shocking turn of events, AZTECA LUCHA, under Duran’s leadership, orchestrated a brutal beatdown of Rocky Romero, leaving him incapacitated. This brazen display of aggression served as a direct challenge to Salina’s authority and influence in the world of Lucha Libre.

Adding fuel to the fire, Salina de la Renta further stoked the flames by stealing Cesar Duran’s next talent acquisition, the formidable Bad Dude Tito before AZTECA could put pen to paper. The audacious move not only robbed Duran of a prized fighter but also served as a clear declaration of war between the two rival factions.

Now, as tensions continue to mount, Cesar Duran extends an offer to Salina de la Renta, shrouded in mystery yet tinged with an undeniable undercurrent of threat.

What could the cunning mastermind be scheming for his rival? What secrets lie behind the veil of his enigmatic proposition?

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