In a recent interview with Peter Rosenberg as part of the Cheap Heat podcast, WWE superstar Chad Gable discussed several topics, including his decision to sign a new contract with the company.

“The timing is unbelievable, I’ve reflected on it so much. These are the kinds of things that when they happen like this, they make you question like, there’s something to this, someone was looking out for me, or fate or something, because the stars just aligned, it was just too perfect.

This is where I want to be, I’m like a loyal guy right, so I start somewhere, I want to finish there. If I start something, anything, I want to finish it, I’m just so happy and fortunate that the idea of finishing it now looks different than it would have a few years ago, which would have just been like fulfilling my contract would have been finishing it, because I wasn’t really doing anything.

Now, finishing it means accomplishing things, winning Championships and leaving a real legacy.”

The full interview is available at this link.