The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are planning to file charges against a male, who was not named, from the Osaka region accused of sending hateful messages to the late STARDOM wrestler and Terrace House star Hana Kimura prior to her passing, according to a report from Asahi Digital.

The report notes that investigators are accusing a man in his 20’s of sending a series of messages to Kimura on Twitter that stated “is there any value to your life?”, as well as “when are you going to die?” up until she passed away on May 23rd and that the same individual later sent an e-mail to Kimura’s family, apologizing for his previous comments to Hana.

Kimura’s family lodged a complaint with the Broadcast Ethics Organization, who began an investigation in September, with the complaint stating that Terrace House, which she starred on, depicted her as an aggressive woman.

Kimura had been on the receiving end of online bullying following an episode of the show, as during the episode, she had a confrontation with a male housemate after he ruined the same outfit that she wore in the dark match prior to NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14. Following her passing, almost 1,200 posts from 600 accounts that contained defamatory comments aimed at Kimura were deleted, however images of the posts were captured by Kimura’s family and forwarded to police to be used in the investigation.