In a recent interview with CNBC Power Lunch, Charlotte Flair discussed several topics, including being ahead of schedule in her recovery from knee surgery, the WWE/Netflix deal and much more.

“I’m six weeks out on Thursday, I’m ahead of schedule and every day, all I can think about is returning back to the ring, especially with all of the excitement of The Rock, going to Netflix, WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia, all I can think about is getting back and winning that number 15.

Netflix has 250 million subscribers, so it’s only going to make WWE’s content more popular, and WWE has always been revolutionary in whether it’s RAW, SmackDown or pay-per-view schedule, and The Rock coming back, bringing more eyes to the product, I think sports entertainment is on a rise right now and it’s just getting more and more popular every year.

I think Netflix is going to be huge for everyone involved within the WWE, from talent to creative to everyone who works with the programming.”

The full interview is available at this link.