In an interview with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling, WWE superstar Chelsea Green discussed several topics, including Paul Heyman being a big fan of her in-ring work.

“So, I learn things on the dirt sheets as well, it’s funny, because sometimes the dirt sheets get them right and sometimes, they totally get them wrong, but that is something that I felt when I came up in December, January and did a couple of matches for RAW and Main Event.

I did feel like I ha a great bond and connection with Paul Heyman, we had kind of started our relationship off in NXT when he watched a couple of my promos and gave me really amazing feedback and really, really positive feedback. That kind of fueled my fire and lit a fire under my butt until the next time I saw him, which was the RAW and the Main Event.

I think I jumped into that position the best I could and he saw that and so, I’m thinking that the dirt sheets are correct and that he has really had my back this whole time, which I love. I think that’s amazing, I’m just so proud that someone that is the best in this business thinks that I’m great, how crazy is that. We’re just going to go with that’s 100% true.”

The interview is available in full at this link.