All Elite Wrestling superstar Chris Jericho took part in the media scrum following the AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view where he discussed several topics, including the Anarchy in the Arena Match, continuing to play music during the match and more.

Jericho put over the production team for their work on the Anarchy in the Arena match, and said that the idea was to do a Stadium Stampede inside an arena with fans and that they wanted something with the Stadium Stampede spirit, but also with the fans and said that they only have so many cameras and needed to keep it in front of the fans, but thinks that the people really enjoyed it and where Khan placed it on the show was really smart as it kick-started things for the last third of the show. Jericho said that the match was more sustainable compared to Stadium Stampede and that they can do it again whenever the timing is right.

Jericho said that with the song continuing to play during the match, that they were hearkening back to New Jack’s music playing during his matches and that it was a way to keep the match different than the others, and then Jericho could step in and be the party pooper by stopping the music. Jericho said that all the work that everyone has put in has brought them back to where they were in January 2020 before the pandemic.

Jericho was questioned about changing up his look and said that he started to change his diet around for health reasons that he will get into down the line and said that once he lost 10lbs and it was easy, he decided to just keep going and make it a lifestyle, and said that he felt a little inspiration and that the timing fir in with the Jericho Appreciation Society, so it all worked out and that none of it was going to work out the way it ended up doing, and that they ended up doing a lot of organic things and the story was writing itself. Jericho put over CM Punk as the new AEW World Champion, noting that he is happy for him and feels that it was a great exclamation point on the show.