In his latest Saturday Night Special Q&A session, All Elite Wrestling superstar Chris Jericho discussed Miro’s debut on AEW Dynamite, why WWE will regret him departing the company, feeding him the “brass ring” line and more.

“I think it’s great to have him, we had discussed having Miro come in a few months earlier when he was released, but the only thing all of us were thinking was, we just have to think of a spot for him, we need to find a place where you’re not just going to bring him in and have him hanging around.

I think it’s perfect, The Best Man thing, it’s not just a one-shot deal, it’s a gimmick, he’s The Best Man, he’s The Best Man at everything, it’ll almost be like a Mr. Perfect type thing. Miro’s always been a great guy, he’s a very funny guy, which a lot of people might not know. I think it’s cool to have him with us and also, I’m glad that he came in and that he kind of gave his mission statement. He mentioned, kind of indirectly, WWE, with glass ceiling and brass ring and taking that brass ring and shoving it up your a**. That was my line, he couldn’t believe that he’d be allowed to say it, he’s like really, can I say it and I’m like, yeah you can say whatever you want here, no problems here baby.

This is not a place that’s constantly bashing anybody else. I mean, obviously when you come from another company, when you come from the WWE, you have to acknowledge the fact that you came from there, do you know what I mean, you have to acknowledge the fact that there’s a history there, but other than that, you say your piece and you move on, so I think it’s great to have him, I’ve always been a fan of his and I think he’s another guy, for some reason, whatever reason, kind of fell through the cracks there that they’re going to regret letting go, but we got him and we’re excited.”