– In an update on Chris Jericho’s WWE status, while he will be touring with Fozzy as part of the Rockstar Uproar Tour from August 15th-September 30th, he has been booked to appear at the WWE Summerslam pay-per-view on August 19th, as well as the following RAW on August 20th. In an interesting note, Fozzy are not scheduled for any Monday performances on the Rockstar Uproar Tour, which means that Jericho would be catching a LOT of red-eye flights if he was to fly in and fly out to RAW and the tour during that period.

– Current plans for the WWE Royal Rumble 2013 pay-per-view are set to see The Rock defeat CM Punk for the WWE Championship and go on to defend it at WrestleMania 29 at the Metlife Stadium against John Cena. The expectation is that Cena will walk out this time in their ongoing feud as the WWE Champion, leading to a 3rd match down the line between the two men. Speaking of CM Punk, the heel turn on WWE RAW 1000, as well as his attack on The Rock are all part of the company’s big angle this Summer.

– Zack Ryder in a recent interview with XFINITY noted that the storyline with Eve Torres and Kane killed the momentum that he was on in the company, so to turn that around the way he did and get revenge on them was something that he needed to do and is hopeful that it’ll get the Ryder Revolution back on track. Zack also noted that his current goal is to regain the WWE United States Championship noting that in 2011, he believed he proved to people that he wasn’t a joke and that he can be taken seriously inside the ring.

– Former WWE superstar Tatanka noted on his official Twitter account that he was contacted by the WWE to appear on WWE RAW 1000, however company officials never followed up on the contact with him, which led to him not making an appearance on the show. “Hello #TeamTatanka! Wished I could’ve surprised u all & brought back what we all love! @WWE called & office confirmed but no follow-up at end. With such a Historic Event #RAW1000 I was surprised that the show was not more than what it was. Missed it completely with show on for nineteen years!

– The Honky Tonk Man has been added to WWE’s Alumni section at this link.

– In WWE ’13 news the update WWE Live will allow players to experience the atmosphere of a real WWE live event, including authentic sound effects, crowd participation and commentary, as well as “Spectacular Moments” including ring breaks and barricade crashes. The updated Predator Technology 2.0 provides a smoother gaming experience that features hundreds of new animations. In roster updates, “Attitude Era” Mark Henry as well as The Miz have joined the official roster. A new trailer for the game can be seen below.