In a recent episode of GAW TV alongside Mickie James, SoCal Val and Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria/Tara), Christy Hemme discussed several topics, including her recent appearance as part of the IMPACT Knockouts Knockdown event.

“It was amazing, because you know, I left like 6 years ago and it was a completely different office, I mean just so different and so weird, like full circle, because Val, back when Scott D’Amore was in charge of the girls many years ago and so then, to have him in charge of the show and have a whole new team in there, but then, a lot, like Eric Tompkins, who is like, oh my gosh he has grown so much, he’s in charge of all the TV stuff and he’s producing and all that stuff, so it was amazing to see how much the show has developed and it was just a really good backstage environment and I told Mickie this when we were there, I was so emotional at the end of that pay-per-view or I guess it’s not a pay-per-view, it’s a show because it’s on their IMPACT Plus right, bar none, my favorite moment of the entire day was when the girls were all sitting in a circle.

It was Mickie, me, Gail, Madison, Veda, we were all sitting in a circle making decision on the show and I was like, when does this happen, when do you see a bunch of girls sitting there making important decisions about talking points and all this stuff on the show. I just kind of had to energetically step back a little bit and go, this is progress, this is like major progress and there’s so many elements of emotion that got us to the show, like with Daffney and just everything else, but when you get down to it, it’s like women coming together, women doing something together, it was like that was always the goal, so to see that kind of progress, I just energetically stepped back and I was so emotional.”

The full interview is available at this link.