In a recent interview as part of Close Up With Renee Paquette, All Elite Wrestling star Chuck Taylor provided an update on his injury, noting that he is hopeful that he can return to in-ring action following surgery, but is taking the Summer to learn the production side of the business with AEW.

“I can get surgery, and once I heal from that, I can hopefully reassess, maybe it’s me hoping, but a lot of guys and gals have come back from career-ending injuries. It’s not really an emergency they said, I can’t do anything athletic. Eventually, they said I’ll get terrible arthritism and then, all they can do is fuse it, but that’s years down the line, so I’m hoping maybe take the Summer to really feel comfortable in the job, I don’t want to learn half of it and then p*** off for a while, so hopefully after the Summer is my hope.”

The full interview is available at this link.