Former WWE superstar turned UFC fighter CM Punk took part in the post-UFC 203 press conference last night and spoke of his extreme disappointment over his loss and what his future could be within the mixed martial arts world.

Punk, who was sporting stitches over his right eye, stated that his initial plans were to enter mixed martial arts at the lowest level, however the UFC opportunity was offered and there was no way he could say no and admitted that he could be cut from the UFC based on his loss and he did not want that to happen and wanted to continue fighting and did not know what the next step would be yet, but said that he will fight again.

Punk said that he was tearing himself up over the loss, but admitted that he is extremely hard on himself anyways and that even if he had won, he would have been disappointed in himself and said that he was beating himself up far more than what he was beat up in the Octagon, stating that he is supremely disappointed as he wanted to win, wanted to perform and that did not happen.