In a recent interview with Caroline Pierce for TNT Sports, WWE superstar CM Punk discussed several topics, including The Rock’s return to the WWE.

“I think it’s fantastic, ten years ago I was the guy that was wrestling The Rock when he came back, and now ten years later he’s coming back and I think the landscape has completely changed right.

WrestleMania is two nights now, it’s even bigger, him coming back only helps, I always say high tide raises all ships, so I’m just happy that even though I’m hurt, I’m still going to kind of be in the mix, my mouth still works, so I’m going to still be able to talk some trash.

I don’t know if you saw the Kickoff we did in Vegas with The Rock and Roman and Seth and Cody, it was a lot of fun, and I hope to just continue to do that while I’m recuperating, because I can always just talk trash with the best of them, it’s the best part, it’s what I do.”