In an interview with WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman moments after the jury ruled in their favor in the legal battle against WWE doctor Chris Amann, CM Punk and Colt Cabana discussed the trial verdict, while Punk also commented on the possibility of him appearing at the All In event in Chicago this September.

Punk stated that it is just another hurdle in the race and that he still trains twice a day and just had to get everything in a different order. Punk noted that his weight is good ahead of his fight at UFC 225 this Saturday against Mike Jackson and that he was also happy for Colt Cabana who was dragged into the lawsuit for silly reasons. Punk said that he would not be appearing at the All In event on September 1st.

When asked for comment, Cabana stated that he feels amazing and that it justifies everything he thought for so long and that he had questions from Day One, like why was he involved. Cabana stated that he never had any doubts, but his body shut down for a little bit because of his nerves and said that he was confident in his lawyers and also said that his Art of Wrestling podcast will continue as normal.

The two interviews with Punk and Cabana are below.