In a recent interview with The Rich Eisen Show, WWE RAW superstar Cody Rhodes discussed several topics, and noted that the Peacock documentary on him still has a release date that is to be determined.

“I have what I’d say, kind of adversarial relationship with this crew that’s on the other side of your camera. Peacock has been shooting a documentary on me that I kind of dubbed the documentary that has no ending, they just keep filming, keep shooting.

So, the Royal Rumble would have been great, hey I won the Royal Rumble, I came back after I had torn my pec, punched my ticket to WrestleMania, the biggest WrestleMania of all time, in the main event finally, perfect, that’s it, now they’re still here.

I know these guys well to the point where we don’t like each other any more, we’re at that point in the relationship, loved each other, now we’re at the point more like, ah there’s Matt, uh here we go. Hopefully, by the end we’ll like each other again, but yeah, the documentary with no ending, so maybe this could be it though.”

The full interview is available at this link.