In a recent interview with GAW TV, Colt Cabana confirmed that he will be part of next Friday’s ROH Supercard Of Honor event.

“I literally didn’t want to do anything, and then stuff just kept coming in, so Thursday night, I’m going to be at the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast live podcast at Bourbon Saloon I believe, and then Friday, I have the Ring Of Honor show at 4, and then Friday night with Mickie, we are doing a live Highspots After-party and I believe I’m doing a live podcast there.

Mickie, you might be a guest, and you don’t know it yet if you’re going to be there. Saturday and Sunday, I’m doing Wrestlecon from 9 until like 1 or 2, and then on Sunday, right after WrestleCon, I’m going to run over to the synagogue where I’ll be wrestling for Rabbi Fine and hopefully, refereed by Lisa.”

The full interview is available at this link.