In an interview with Eric Bischoff on the most recent edition of his podcast, former WWE superstar and current Ring of Honor superstar Colt Cabana commented on WWE finally leaning towards accepting independent wrestling talent.

“I think it’s just coming to them now that it’s a valuable place and people actually do learn and do become good wrestlers on that scene. I think it’s just taken them a long time and I think because of that they are just going to pay more attention. That may mean that they will grab a couple guys before they’re ready and put them in their system. That’s always kind of happened.

I remember in like 2003 Paul London was a big guy on the independent scene and they grabbed him. It’s just like every time a Paul London gets plucked from the scene someone else will come up. It’s not like they can have a thousand guys on the roster. I weirdly kind of believe that when someone leaves someone else will make their name for themselves.”

The interview is available in full at this link.