In an interview with WrestleDope during his recent appearance in Ireland, former WWE & WCW superstar Diamond Dallas Page commented on inducting Jake Roberts into the WWE Hall of Fame, Triple H’s role in the company and much more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On inducting Jake Roberts to the WWE Hall of Fame: “Now I know it’s going to be the strongest s*** I’ve ever said and I will have something planned that I’m going to say. I’ll know what I’m going to say before I go up there, doesn’t mean I’m going to say it.”

On Triple H’s role in the company: “Paul Levesque aka Triple H has been one of the most solid guys I’ve ever met in this business so nobody can talk s*** about him around me. You may have your own beef with him, whoever it is, but no one who doesn’t know ain’t got nothing to say about him around me because he’s always been a stand up guy to me.”