WWE recently reached out to former WWWF Champion Bruno Sammartino about possibly being inducted into the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame next year as the main attraction of the show, however the company are yet to receive a response from the man who has turned down WWE’s advances in the past for documentaries and projects and has been critical of Vince McMahon and other members of the company for the way they have changed wrestling over the years.

Sammartino has not been involved with the company since the late 1980’s, however it will be interesting to see if he takes up the offer to join the company’s Hall of Fame. Another name under consideration but not confirmed is Rena “Sable” Lesnar, the wife of former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. The company feel that with Lesnar appearing at WrestleMania 29 and currently invovled with the company’s storylines, that Sable would welcome the induction alongside other legendary women in the business.