In a recent episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast, WWE SmackDown commentator Corey Graves discussed several topics, including becoming the voice for Pittsburgh Steelers’ in-game intros.

“The Steelers kick off their home games with the Terrible Towel Twirl, when you’re in Acrisure Stadium, you’ve got 60,000 plus all waving their towels above their head. I had the honor and privilege of being able to lead that this week to really kick off the season, but more than that, I think more exciting personally was the reason I was on the field to begin with was I have the dubious distinction of being the narrator, the voice of this year’s in-game intros for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For every home game this season, when the clock hits zero, the first voice you hear is mine, give a big here we go, and the video packages, and it’s honestly, I want to say it’s a dream come true, but it’s actually more so, growing up, being born and raised in Pittsburgh, lifelong Steelers fan, it’s so cool with WWE and the NFL working together.

Obviously, we’ve got the new Championship Legacy titles, that relationship has been really cool, so to be able to experience that on my home turf, literally in the city that I love and live in and feel so strongly about was absolutely incredible.”

The full episode is available at this link.