In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, WWE RAW superstar Damian Priest discussed several topics, including musician Bad Bunny being part of the current WWE storylines.

“Some people love that Bad Bunny is in WWE, some people hate it, our fans don’t always accept outsiders, but when it comes to Bad Bunny, he’s one of us. This isn’t some star just coming to WWE for a paycheck, he loves this and it is very authentic.

He wants to learn and he’s enjoying this and making the most of every second. If it means I’m making my WrestleMania debut, then I’m all for it and if there is a possibility for me to do anything with a mega, worldwide star like Bad Bunny and wrestle two very well-known wrestling personalities, then of course, why wouldn’t I? I don’t know what’s to come for WrestleMania, but that would be amazing.”

The interview is available in full at this link.