In a recent interview with Josh Martinez, WWE RAW superstar Damian Priest discussed several topics, including the potential of becoming World Champion in the WWE, working with Bad Bunny, why he feels Dominik Mysterio is one of WWE’s most underrated talents and much more.

Highlights from the interview are below:

On the possibility of becoming a World Champion in WWE: “I get goosebumps, I mean it’s the highest honor in this business for representation. For me, it’s a necessity, I think where we are right now, and what we’ve accomplished in the short amount of time, you know, especially myself since I’ve been here and trying to represent, that would be the icing on the cake and I feel like it’s needed.”

On working with Bad Bunny on WWE programming as well as their match at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico: “It’s the most important thing that I’ve done in my career, hands down. What we did as far as representation, as far as putting our island on the map again, and not just for us, for Latino’s in general, just showing we can do this. We can do PLE’s all over, anywhere that’s Hispanic or Latino, we can do this, you see the crowd, you see the emotion, I’m looking forward to having more events like this, I would love to do something in Mexico, obviously with my buddy Dominik and the fanbase there, but that doesn’t just stop there, I mean there’s a lot of places in Central and South America that have been wanting this for a very long time. I think Puerto Rico was kind of like, hey look, we can do it, so I was very proud, then on the other side, I was proud that I was able to put on the performance that I did with Bad Bunny. He’s a very proud guy, so knowing that we got to show out and make our fans proud of us as well was very important, what that match meant was way more than a win or a loss, so I’m very proud.”

On why he feels Dominik Mysterio is one of WWE’s most underrated talents: “I think Dominik is underrated, I think people see him as the guy that is fun to boo, then he gets in the ring and they’re like, where does that come from. It’s like no, he’s good, he’s really good, I think people forget that, because they just know the guy that gets booed, because it’s fun to boo him and you forget that he can go in the ring, he’s very talented. His improvement since he’s joined The Judgment Day, I mean if you look at Dominik a week before he joined The Judgment Day, and you look at him now, it’s a completely different person, I think people forget about that part too.”

The full interview is available at this link.