In a recent in-character interview with WWE’s The Bump, Men’s WWE Money in the Bank contract holder Damian Priest discussed several topics, including the recent tensions within The Judgment Day.

“That was one of those situations where it was miscommunication, we hadn’t talked to Finn and we weren’t sure if I was going to actually cash-in, but obviously Dom, myself and Rhea had discussed it. In the moment, Dom was like, you should do it right now, so he gave me the briefcase and I thought about it, I was like, you know what, maybe I shouldn’t wait, maybe I’ll do this right now. Unfortunately, Finn came out and I wasn’t expecting that, it was just a lack of communication, I have a whole year with this thing if I want to, so I’m good being patient.

Obviously, it’s no secret we were having some arguments and what-not on-screen, the whole world could see us, so yeah, but I have siblings, we argue, but we’re still a family, it’s okay. I think that’s where Finn and I are, we’re having some disagreements. I think our focus is a little diffent and our goals, they’re just kind of stepping on each other, but that doesn’t mean that we have a personal issue with each other, we’ve just got to be better at communicating, that’s all. I wanted Finn Balor to beat him, I was out there, not to cash-in realistically, I was there to make Seth feel the pressure of me cashing-in, throw him off his game so that my buddy could beat him for the title.

Unfortunately, Finn Balor, again this is our own fault, this was a lack of communication, he thought I was trying to do something else and his eyes drifted away from the prize, and unfortunately, he got beat, but yeah, my intention was never to cash-in on Finn. Actually, I wasn’t even going to cash-in on Seth in that moment, I wanted Finn Balor to win.

We’re a machine, they’re ain’t no stopping us, I’m not concerned at all. The Judgment Day is not going anywhere, we’re good. Like I said, families can have arguments, but they’re still a family, nobody’s going anywhere. I am not concerned, Rhea and Dom, I’m not concerned, we’re just as good as ever, just because we have arguments or disagreements doesn’t mean we stop ruling the WWE, we still run Monday Night RAW, The Judgment Day will always rise.”

The full episode is available at this link.