In a recent interview with Ryan Satin as part of the Out Of Character podcast, WWE superstar Damian Priest discussed several topics, including WWE Backlash heading to Puerto Rico next month.

“Wherever you’re from, whether it’s a different country, or you just get to do something special there in front of your family, your friends and people who are proud to say they’re from the same place you are, it’s extra special, so going back to Puerto Rico, and having a Premium Live Event there hasn’t been done since like what, 2005 I think, it’s wild to think that this is happening.

I’ve thrown comments a lot since I’ve been here in the last few years like hey, any opportunities to do something in Puerto Rico, we should probably do something out here, it’s a lot of fans there, and just keep pushing and pushing, and finally the decision was made for Backlash and SmackDown, which is awesome, so two televised events back-to-back and it’s awesome where the company is right now, this is what we’re doing, we just did Clash at the Castle in Wales, and Backlash in Puerto Rico coming up, and then we’ve got Money in the Bank in London, it’s awesome.”

The full interview is available at this link.