WWE have announced that WWE SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan will address the comments made by WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz during an episode of “Talking Smack” on the WWE Network on tonight’s edition of SmackDown Live in Dallas, Texas.

The Miz ripped apart Daniel Bryan on the show after Bryan called him soft by saying that he has been wrestling for 10 years and has never taken time off for injuries. The Miz called Daniel Bryan a coward and said that he is someone who promised his fans for a year that he would return to the ring, but never did, to which Daniel Bryan responded by claiming that he would return if “they” (WWE) would let him. The Miz fired back at Daniel Bryan and asked him that if the WWE will not let him return, then why doesn’t he just quit instead and go back to working the independent scene, which led to Bryan walking off the set as The Miz continued to rant about the lack of respect that he receives as the show went off the air.