In a recent interview with the Drinks With Johnny podcast, AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin discussed the recent Cinematic Street Fight at AEW Revolution, what made him worried about Sting during the match and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On hitting the Coffin Drop in the match and how far of a drop it was: “I don’t know, I was feeling it, we shot that specific scene at three in the morning. I was up all night thinking about the match, all day I was just getting hyped, a cinematic match, you get an adrenaline rush, come down, take a break, re-shoot, adrenaline, come down, take a break. Up there, I was like, alright, let’s f***ing jump off this. I’m so used to doing s*** like that all the time. At that rate, I knew mentally it was the last thing I had to do in the match, so if I wasn’t going to be walking out, I didn’t care, I was ready to lay it on the line.”

On coming up with ideas for the match: “I was writing storyboards for months before the pay-per-view. When I saw the location where we were filming, I took all these photos and started plotting everything in my brain, sitting in the boiler room, just coming up with all the shots. We have an awesome crew and Steve Yu, who helped direct it as well. When we were there at the building shooting it, I was running around and doing everything possible, I want to shoot it like this, I want to shoot it like that. When we got done with the cut, I’d run through a pane of glass and they’d go, alright next shot. I was doing everything and I felt on autopilot in my mind, it’s like I had this adrenaline and felt we could go all night and was on fire with it.”

On what made him worried about Sting during the match: “The only thing that stopped me was when I had to throw the bat down to Sting, I was like, alright I’m going to throw this down. Tony Khan put it best, you know how the laws of physics work right, that bat is going to come down and we don’t know if it’s going to break Sting’s face. First time in the whole shoot I started thinking like, what if I do break Sting’s face and he can’t finish the match. He was the one who was like, I’m catching that bat, we’re not doing anything different, you’re throwing that bat to me. Perfect catch, first try, beat the f*** out of everyone, I was on cloud nine.”

The interview is available in full at this link.