The producers of Darkside of the Ring talking about Peggy, the wife of David Schultz: “Her and David have been together, I think since he was 17, it’s been 55 years. She has been there for everything in his life. One of the things David did not talk about was they were facing financial ruin with some of the lawsuits that they were engaged in with WWE at certain points. She was there managing that process. She even got named in one of the lawsuits. She also, when David became a bounty hunter, she became a bail bond person. She was the one answering the phones and taking the calls, figuring out where the bounties are going to and sending David off to go collect the bounties. She was involved with tracking these people down.”

On the extended slap seen footage: “In the actual footage that we got, David actually had, I’m guessing probably from the lawsuit had an extended version of the slap scene. I think we still have it in the cut where we see Vince come out. That’s not in the 20/20 broadcast where you see Vince come out and say David, what the hell is a matter with you. That was in, I’m assuming evidence in the lawsuit.”

The full episode is available at this link.