Former TNA Wrestling creative team member Dave Lagana was a guest on The Ross Report with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross and opened up on what prompted his decision to leave the company.

“I had five bosses in five years in my time in TNA. I have nothing bad to say about my time in TNA because it radically changed my life for the better. Moving to Nashville, I met my girlfriend…I established a much different life. For the first 36 years, I was a single guy in the wrestling business. To establish a life, you know, it changes things. It brings stability, which is almost the opposite of what TNA was because it always seemed like something was going on and I was, you know, always nose-down in creative.

Matt Conway and I spent pretty much every work hour together in simply working on creative. I wasn’t even hired to write for Impact. I was hired in 2005 by Jeff Jarrett for Ring Ka King and All Wheels Wrestling and when Vince Russo left in January of that year, for some reason, they ended up going, ‘Hey, can you help out?’, which meant write the show and write the show with Matt. Matt and I joke all the time about me walking into his office and saying, ‘You and me. Me and you. What are we talking about?’ and he said, ‘What are you talking about?’ and I said, “We’re working together’ and he went, “What?” and they hadn’t even told him what was going on and it was the sort of interesting kickoff to our relationship because we were sort of thrown together and told to figure it out and at the time work for Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff, and I have a lot of respect for both of them.

Then, that changed and John Gaburick became my boss, then Billy [Corgan] was my boss. Then Billy got let go and I was like, ‘Alright, who’s my boss this time?’ and nobody could tell me. I was like, ‘Who’s my boss?’ and they were like, “With Billy gone, how are you going to work here?” I was like, “I just want to….this has nothing to do with Billy. It has everything to do with, ‘who is my boss now?’ Not that I wanted to be the boss, but if you can’t even tell me, I can’t tell you what I want to do and I left Ring of Honor under similar circumstances. The company was taken over by Sinclair and they had established a new management team and I was sort of not figured in by the new management team and I was trying to find my spot. I felt this was a similar situation. New owners had come in. I had never spoken with anyone from the new ownership and never understood what the vision was and beyond all the very public issues the company was having financially, I didn’t know what the vision was and I slept on it overnight and decided I wanted to bet on myself.

Again, it had nothing to do with Billy. The reason I couldn’t do your show the week after [I left TNA] was I got hired 30 minutes after I left TNA to do marketing for a client. I said, “Wow, that happened just coming out of that decision’ and I wanted to bet on myself.”

Lagana noted that he still does not know who is the boss within TNA Wrestling right now and that once he was not being told that, he was not sticking around and said that he does not know how the company is going to survive and said that he never saw the books, but talent were not being paid on time and that when the talent are not being paid on time, then there are going to be problems. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross brought up a story about how Vince McMahon is so smart because in times in the past when WWE had problems, Vince always made it a point to make sure that the talents were paid on time so that they would never suspect that anything was amiss.

The interview is available in full at this link.