In a post on his official Twitter account, David Marquez revealed this evening that he will be stepping down from his role as the Executive Producer of the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood promotion to focus on his work with the United Wrestling Network’s PrimeTime Live series as well as his work with the other Championship Wrestling From promotions.

Marquez revealed that he will still be involved with the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood promotion, but not in the role that he had.

Marquez’s statement reads, “Today, I officially hand the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood keys off to Nick Bonanno (sitting across from me in the photo). He’s the show’s new Executive Producer and currently (like right now) supervising the production of the next slate of episodes. For the first time in maybe 17 years, I’m not at one of my TV events by choice. I’ve given Nick and his team full reign of the broadcast. A little history; Nick came to me as a referee, over time he proved his ability to adapt and excel. After a few years, he became our Head Official, TV Editor, Line Producer, Creative Team Member and now, EP. I’ll still be involved in the program of course, but I feel the time is right to allow the next generation to create and tell their stories. In the meantime, my attention will be on United Wrestling Network’s PrimeTime Live and expanding our ‘Championship Wrestling’ television format. Very soon, you’ll see our Las Vegas version with Future Stars of Wrestling. Congratulations to Nick & Co. It’s your time!”