In an update on the legal battles between WWE superstar David Otunga and actress/musician Jennifer Hudson, Otunga’s lawyer claims that Hudson played super dirty by sneaking into court to get an order of protection against Otunga in order to get a leg in their custody battle of their 8 year old son, David Jr, according to a report from

The report notes that attorney Tracy Rizzo filed legal documents asking the judge to throw out the order of protection that was granted on Thursday and forced Otunga out of the family home and required him to stay clear of Jennifer and their son.

Rizzo states that herself and Otunga were blindsided by the order of protection and that Jennifer Hudson’s lawyer never gave them any notice of the hearing, noting that Hudson’s endgame was to gain an unfair advantage in their custody negotiations and make Otunga look like the villain in all of this. In the documents, Otunga states that all of the allegations are false and that he has never physically pushed Jennifer Hudson or in any other way harmed or threatened her or their son.

Rizzo is seeking a hearing next Tuesday to vacate the order of protection, stating that Otunga is looking to be with his son for Thanksgiving. Otunga claims that he has been the primary caregiver of David Jr since birth, something that Hudson claims she has been. More details are available at this link.