Dennis Condrey talking about the scaffold match: “Corny was scared to death. He said Dennis I can’t fall off there. I said ok, I will tell Dusty. I went to Dusty and he said, Dennis you tell Cornette if he doesn’t want to fall off the scaffold, I’m going to have to let him go. Corny didn’t have the money he has today, so he said ok.”

Condrey talking about leaving the Midnight Express: “We had an offer, a great offer I thought we couldn’t refuse. Vince McMahon got in contact with us. He said I am going to fly you guys up. We told him we were not interested because we are making good money here in the Carolinas. He said I will double it. I said ok. We got on the plane and flew up there. The Crocketts found out about it and they didn’t’ like it. Dusty comes in and asks are we leaving or staying. We thought we did this on the sneak. We thought we were sneaking around. Tully Blanchard went to the airport and saw us fly in and he told Dusty. We made a deal with Vince while we were there in New York. Jimmy and Bobby changed their minds and decided they didn’t want to go. I told them I wish they would have told him. Vince wanted all 3, no different. Bobby had a couple of kids in school. Jimmy bought a house. I bought a house too. I think it scared them.”

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