In a recent interview with Vickie Guerrero as part of the ‘Excuse Me With Vickie Guerrero’ podcast, IMPACT Wrestling superstar Deonna Purrazzo discussed her decision to return to the company following her WWE NXT release.

“I felt so much pressure this time around going back to IMPACT, because from the day I was released, immediately after I was like, I’m going to prove them wrong, screw them. I wanted to come out with guns blazing, I feel like it put such a big target on my back to do a good job, so I put my best foot forward.

IMPACT has been so great with me, not only because they understand who the Virtuosa is and my mannerisms that I should have, but also, my input. I had a whole character synopsis that I pitched in NXT that we did not get to do anything with, then I sent it to IMPACT and said look, this is how I think I should talk and how this vignette should be.

After I get established and I lose, because a great wrestler needs to establish themselves and then, I’m going to lose eventually, but here is how I can become the biggest hypocrite and integrate Mr. Perfect. I don’t have to win, but I can just portray that I’m the greatest. I had so many ideas I was ready to give them and they’ve been able to capitalize on. I’ve been so happy with what has come out, I feel so proud of it and I am so proud of being able to put my best foot forward and establish myself again.”

The interview is available in full at this link.