Ryan Devlin sent out the following:

Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke to Ryan Devlin of The Wrestling Mania Show about a number of subjects.

Here are the highlights:

DDP Yoga in WWE: There are 30 current WWE wrestlers doing DDP Yoga. Every single wrestler at the Performance Center does it, that’s 19 women and 61 guys doing DDP Yoga.

On Jake’s Cancer surgery: He’s got to get the skin cancer removed from his leg. I asked how he could let it spread like this, it’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow because they said the surgery could be 2 hours, or it could be 8 hours.

DDP Yoga APP: It’ll be like the Netflix of fitness. We will have our own programming and only through the APP will you be able to get live workouts. We’ll also do cooking and you might see me cooking with Jake or Scott in the accountability crib.

One last match: I have no intention to do it anywhere other than WWE. The only person I would consider wrestling would be Randy Orton and only because our storyline is built in. We could have a hell of a run but it would break my body up so bad. There is no reason for them to put him in an angle with me because he is too far up the ladder and I’m grateful for that because I’d take it if they offered it.

Will he induct Jake into the HOF: It’s been talked about but everything runs through the WWE so I don’t know what decision they will make. I would be honoured to do it but it won’t hurt my feelings if they pick someone else because it’s Jake’s night.

He also discusses the origin of DDP Yoga, the most famous person currently doing it, the resurrection of Scott Hall, his opinion on Jim Ross and much more!

You can listen to the full interview at this link.