In a recent interview with The Windy City Slam podcast, Dirty Dango revealed that he has signed a one-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling.

“Everything in life and professional wrestling is full circle. I started my career in IMPACT back in 2003 when they were filming at the Nashville Fairgrounds, I’ve always had a working relationship with them over the years, a lot of my friends wrestler there, Brian Myers, Cardona, Tommy Dreamer. I was a free agent at the time, I got a phone call, Myers and myself are really close, we came up in developmental together, Albany is a great crowd and it was kind of a no-brainer.

I’m a real big fan of Josh Alexander, some of the X-Division guys, I’m a huge fan of their work, I just don’t know if I can keep up with them. Heath, Myers, guys like that, in the past, I was more of a comedy shtick wrestling with them. Now, I’m working a little bit more of a serious style. My match with Myers in Albany, it felt good to get out there for 10-15 minutes and give a good wrestling match, and not have to do a complete comedy act. I don’t have my eyes set on one person, just prove to management that I’m not a comedy act. When the bell rings, I can go.”

The full episode is available at this link.